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Petite Homes provides fully customizable digital plans for tiny homes.


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Petite Homes provides fully customizable, contractor ready digital plans for tiny homes. Personalize your new home to your unique style and start maximizing your rental income today.


The Models

Each Petite Home model starts with an efficient layout, including a living room, kitchen, washroom and bedroom. Concept floor plans are available free of charge to review, and endless customizations are possible with our Geopogo integrations.

The Craftsman

The one that started it all, The Craftsman is designed in classic 1920's style with an intimate comfort.

The Modern

Clean lines, elegant angles, and vaulted skylights give this home a luxurious, spacious feel.
Customize Your Petite Home on the Fly

From floorplan to fittings, your Petite Home will truly be your own.

With the Geopogo Augmented Reality Builder, you can customize your Petite Home model inside and out. Rearrange floorplans, move windows and doors, and even drop and arrange furniture and fixtures.

When you're done, our mobile app allows you to virtually walk through your new home – right in your backyard! When you've got everything just right, export your files for your architect to finalize.


Customize Your Petite Home

Use the Geopogo Builder to customize your Petite Home model. Change floorplans, colors, finishes and materials – you can even place furniture from our extensive libraries. All from your desktop.

Explore Your Petite Home

Using the Geopogo Mobile App, you can place a virtual copy of your customized Petite Home right onto your property and walk around – and through – your new Petite Home.
Download the Geopogo app and you can literally walk through the front door of a life-size Petite Home - right in your own backyard.
Visit our models to download the Geopogo Builder and iOS apps!

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